Capture 3D Images With Your Phone!

Here‘s a really awesome post that links to an application that allows us to click/create 3D photographs from our very own cellphone cameras! Quite amazin to have the perception of depth in an image. There’s just one piece missing in the puzzle, as is with 3D one needs special specs to view it in its true glory!


Essentially it’s a J2ME application that allows us to create our own mobile 3D anaglyph photos using the mobile phone camera by taking two slightly offset pictures with the result separated into red and cyan colour planes.

Another nice part about the application is that it is supported in a number of formats because of it being in java. To add to it, the author has made available specially optimsed versions for the landscape mode or phones with lower resolution cameras.

Basically, m3Dcam should work on phones supporting Java (J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CDLC 1.1) which allows camera access through J2ME (MMAPI camera support). E.g. S60 v3 Devices like the N95, N73. S60 v2 Devices. You may be able to use J2ME Polish’s device database to determine if your handset is compatible.

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Via – Symbiak-Freak (There’s a nice explanation written too!)

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