S60 Touch UI – Official Video

Stefan from Intomobile has posted the link to the S60 UI video which was originally shown at the Symbian Smartphone Show. I am somewhat impressed. I just hope Nokia doesn’t go the apple way and makes a pure touch device. A physical keyboard is an absolute must for me at least and I’m sure most of you will agree. The video demonstrates the UI feel of the new S60 variant on a dummy phone. What has raised my fears is that that dummy device was pure touch screen phone with text entry via a stylus, which I despise. 

I’m sure Nokia’s next N9x will be a touch screen based device as it will be the first time a S60 device will sport a touch based interface thus being worthy of the N’9x’ tag. A few days ago Symbian World published a few rumoured N96 pics, I’m sure they are fake as the device just doesn’t look S60.

Fake N96

What I would ideally want is something like a conventional S60 device such as the N95 but with a touch screen, basically the touch screen being there in case I want to use it but the phone fully functional without it too. The screen resolution will definately improve, the screen size will become bigger, memory too. May be we see the VGA video being upgraded to a higher wide screen resolution capture?!

I’m sure there will be other tweaks/upgrades too but what do you think will the next Nokia flagship look like? Not like a iPhone clone I hope. Comments welcome!

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