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Mosquito Repellant!

Recently I happened to come across this application called GAFM which believe it or not turns any java compatible phone to a mosquito repellant. I remember trying such an application out on a Nokia 6600 ages ago and somehow wasn’t really convinced.

According to the developers, the effect of this program is based on the following scientific data and information:

Only female mosquitoes require a blood meal and bite warm or cold-blooded animals. Acquiring protein through a blood meal is essential for egg production. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but feed on the nectar of flowers or other suitable sugar source. Bloodthirsty female mosquitoes tend to avoid their non-biting male counterparts. (I wonder why we still have such a large mosquito polulation then!)

GAFM emits a noise similar to the buzz of a male mosquito and keep the biting females at distance. The program is capable of clearing the insects within a range of two meters. The sound plays constantly and is, if at all, faintly audible to the human ear. This way of repelling the bloodsuckers will use up to 30 percent more of the phone’s battery power. That is why it is advisable to use it with the battery charger switched on.

Available Here:

Symbian Gear

Click Apps

I doubt if anyone would want to buy this, however it just goes to show the sky is the limit for 3rd party developers!

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