Android Demo Video Thoughts

Its a little late in the day but still here are a few thoughts on the Android Video Demo below.

What we see in the demo is pretty average. Thedemo starts with basic functionality i.e. making calls and text messages. Calls is fine but I don’t really like the way texts are handled. Somehow and I’m not prejudiced.

Next comes a touch based device on which the Browser and Maps are demoed. Nothing special. A webkit based browser and google maps. Hell, even the maps are not stored on the device. I hate to be having to use GPRS/EDGE/3G everytime I use GPS navigation, this is a real turn off. However, there was something called Street View which was really cool. There were actual shots of the place you a looking at the map and which you could zoom into and the shots were not from the top a.k.a. google earth like. The video ends with a line to the effect that the best apps are yet to be made and Google has set aside $10 million as incentive. Apparently Stefan from Intomobile isn’t too impressed either. There is even talk about multitasking troubles. What do you think?

More Android videos are available here.

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