The Standby Screen

The Classic Standby Screen Active Standby Screen

Ever since the Active Standby Menu came out in the Nokia 6680/6681 I have been a great fan of this implementation. It started with 5 shortcuts to applications and the calender display. Slowly it graduated to showing the current music track. Next came the current FM station and so on.

Today the N95 Standby screen pictured above, incorporates 6 shortcuts, calender, To-Do, Memo, Search, Music Track info, FM Station and the WiFi Indicator.

I personally prefer clean themes and as a result hardly ever need the screen to be blank for a wallpaper and really like optimum usage of the screen’s real estate. I’m also glad that the message preview a.k.a. the E-Series has not been incorporated into the N-Series, this is because you never know when a message you do not want others to see pops up in the display!

Moreover I just wanted to put up these pictures in PiZero’s Gold Theme, so the post! 😉

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