[Update] Flash Video a.k.a. FLV On S60 v3!

FLV Video

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Update: Adobe has now released the public beta of the application for developers and is available here. They have however left out browser integration and there is no personalisation with screensavers either. For more on this jump over to The Nokia Guide. For a complete How-To on getting FLV to work read on.

Now For .FLV Video Playback

The Brainchunk Blog reports that .FLV video is up and running on the 3250! He has with him a developer edition FL3 player courtesy Adobe. He links to this post which focuses on the local playback of an FLV file directly from a Flash Lite 3 application.

Adobe’s next gen runtime engine for mobile Flashlite 3 succeeds FL2.1 with enhanced features like Flash video a.k.a FLV format, MMI extensions for UI design and also as a plug-in to the web browsers. He also goes on to state that according to Adobe, the current device which supports FL3 and its FLV playback is N95.

However if it can run on the 3250, it can definately run on other S60 v3 phones which have better hardware! Hopefully all of them!

Here’s a complete How-To posted by nokia7760 from the Symbian-Freak Forums:

– Go to http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/fl3_video.html

– Download the fl3_video_app.zip file listed in the sample.

– Unzip it. Send both files to either of your phone flash content folder. C:\others or E:\others. I sent the files to E:\others.

– If you read through the entire guide at the site above, the path of the flv file is actually hard coded in the swf flvplayer and they are located in the path video\lake.flv and video\walk.flv.

– Make a video folder in the flash folder, eg if you send the 2 files to E:\others\ then create E:\others\video folder. Put in this folder, your own flv files, name it as walk.flv, or lake.flv.

– Launch flash lite 3, run the swf file, videoapplication02.swf and it should show a small screen, press 1, then 2 on the keypad, and your video should load.

Another point to note is that playing flv on my phone, files that have a high resolution, e.g. 640 x 368, the lag is very noticeable. Luckily for normal resolution flv movies, it is usually 320 x 240, and there is virtually no lag, which is a good thing.

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