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 BT Info Salling Clicker

The thing I love about S60 devices is that they allow us to do so much more than the usual ‘features’ the phone ships with. I have been out of town for while now and have had quite a bit of fun bugging people and amazing them all with my N95 and three applications. I am sure most of you are aware of two of the three I am going to talk about in this post.


1. Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker

This is one of my favourites, it allows a user to control their PC from the phone via bluetooth or wifi. You can Shut Down a computer, play music, control the mouse movement and do a thousand other things.

Now here is the fun part, what if you install the client on a friend, collegue etc’s computer without his knowledge; (something like a trojan) from now on you have complete control over whatever he/she does, if it is games he’s playing make the mouse go haywire; if she wants to work, shut down the computer; if the boss is around, play music from his computer!

I personally had a great time bugging people around me! Its great to see the frustration on their faces, specially when you are connected via wifi, which allows you to be further away from the computer.


2. irRemote


This is another great application that allows an ir enabled phone to be used as a remote control for a lot of appliances such as TV, HiFi systems, Air Cons and so on. Now there are a lot of TV’s put up for general public display all around metro stations, windows of shops, exhibitions etc. I had a lot of free time on hand and all I did for half a day was go from place to place and change the channels being shown, switch off the TV and increase the volume ridiculously. With the N95 strategically placed in my palm people didn’t even figure out what was happening.

The best part was when a small crown had gathered at a shop’s window TV on which a live cricket match being shown, at the oppertune time I switched to some religious lecturing channel. It was fun watching the reactions of people, at least that group will never get a TV from that place! This might seem a lame read but when done practically – is great fun!


3. BT Info

BT Info

This is a not so well known appliaction that I had come across a while back. It is a great freeware written in java. What it basically does is allow you complete control over another’s phone. You can initaiate calls from the other phone, play music, change profiles, disable calls, read sms and loads of other things.

However there is one catch. You need a bit of social engineering before you can get it to work. The phones need to be paired and the bluetooth turned on. But once you can do this using any excuse such as sending a song or something its game on! The degree of success would depend on the phone you are ‘attacking’. Nokia S60s are the least affected, however if a friend of yours happens to have a SE phone, God save him!


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