Mobile World Congress!

 Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest mobility events of the year and this year I will be attending it! I’m looking forward to see some cool new gadgets and services related to the mobile world, although I am not quite sure what we will see. The N96 is a candidate for launch, so are the already leaked E66 and E71 apart from that lets see.

Virtual Event

WOM World is also holding a virtual event and here is the itinerary for it (Thanks, Rita). From the looks of things it is almost confirmed that there will be phones launched! Brilliant. Hearing about new services, features etc is great fun, but there’s nothing like a product launch! Ovi share will also be thrown open and the new Maps 2.0 should also be launched.

Nokia @ 3GSM

The Nokia at MWC site is also up and allows us to sign up for email updates and gives a general overview of the things on offer. Make sure to check it out. The mobile site ( for times when you are on the go is also up.

I have my flight tonight and will reach Barcelona on the 10th morning. Will try and keep you all posted as soon as I can. Its a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and I’d like to thank WOM world for making this happen. If you are going to be there, do drop me a line!

For all those unable to make it, don’t forget the virtual event!

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