The Future Of The Internet – The Mobility Context

 The Mobility Context

In a looking at the future post Stefan from Intomobile discuss the future of mobile handsets, the Internet and what can we expect from the future. He talks of operating systems becoming less and less relevant today as software is moving towards becoming but a mere website inside a browser, yet he goes on to note that the potential of the hardware underneath is this way left unexplored. He also talks of different scenarios tomorrow might throw at us where contact information is transferred in a split second via touch enabled NFC enabled devices, when you go to a restaurant the same device pops up a menu with meals and drinks based on previous orders, not only that, recommendations and ratings from friends from their last visit there are shown too. Jump over for an enthralling read.

This is the tip of the iceberg, we cannot accurately predict what the future holds for us, but we can imagine and that is probably what will eventually shape tomorrow for us. What do you think would we be able to do with out phones tomorrow?