Become A S60 Ambassador

After the initial pilots in New York and California, the S60 Ambassador program is open for applicants again. The good news is that there are no geographical limitations this time around, all you need is an S60 phone to sign up. After this program we should also be seeing the new S60 Ambassador website soon.

This pilotis all about Ovi Share, check out the Ovi Share site and download your Ovi Share(Share Online) client here.  More information about the S60 Ambassador after the break.

S60 Ambassadors are consumers of S60 software (in other words, people who own an S60-based Nokia, Samsung, LG, or Lenovo phone) who want to know more about S60 and want to spread the word about S60 to their friends, family, and occasionally to strangers in the park.

Nokia wants us to talk about S60 at Nokia-sponsored events around the world. And then they want to hear, from us, directly, what we talked about, what the people we talked to said, what we like and disliked about the event and the products we talked about. Being an S60 ambassador brings the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people know and understand what S60 has to offer. The power of being “in the know” as Nokia arms you with the latest and greatest information about upcoming software releases and S60-based devices. The opportunity to influence how people think about the mobile device market. The fun of getting lots of S60 schwag. And the chance to earn cool accessories (HW and SW) for your S60-based device.

I picked the above up from the Nokia website so apologies if that looks like an advertisement!

Via: DarlaMack