Y-Browser Updated To v 0.88

Ybrowser 0.88 

Everyone’s favourite file manager Ybrowser has been updated to version 0.88. This update brings loads of changes, bug fixes and stability improvements specially with regard to the upcoming FP2 devices. Incase you feel that some file support or other type of functionality is missing from the Y-Browser, then you could visit NewLC and start implementing your own plug-ins for Y-Browser.


– Lots of layout changes – Settings Menu Revamped
– Some bug fixes to improve stability (Especially with FP2 devices)
– File modified time changed from UTC to local time
– Added Command short cut accelerators to the menu items
– Edit-Mark, menu has now two additional options: Mark with wild card & inverse selection
– File association settings added
– Plug-in manager added
– Email folders shown now as well (with Mail folders plug-in)


Y-Browser version 088 (Multi language)
Y-Browser BtObex sender plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Mail folders plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Text Viewer plug-in, version 088(English)
Y-Browser Zip plug-in, version 088(English)
Additional icon packs for Y-Browser

Dr Jukka is also working on an on-line update provision for the Y-Browser, he has done quite a lot for it, but is looking for anyone  good with PHP, he could use some help on SQL database & file handling mainly. If you are in the know, drop him a line here.

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