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Ricky has made an easter theme and put it up for all to download. The thing about the theme is that it has not been created using the usual theme creation tools i.e. no having to mess around with Java tools or having to install an SDK. The theme has been made using the brand new beta of OwnSkin’s Professional Theme Creator. It is a 100% online theme creation application for not just S60 smartphones but a host of other S40 devices and devices from other manufacturers such as LG and Sony Ericsson too.  

I am in the process of creating a custom theme for myself and I’ll share a few thoughts about the service.

But before we get into what it can and cannot do, lets look at the option we have for making our own themes without being too technical. The first of course is Theme DIY an application available from the Nokia website. The second is Pic2Theme which also allows us to create themes on the phone itself.  The problem with both of these is that we cannot make a theme a keep it for later use, whatever is there is, is temporary until you change the settings. Secondly since the theme creation is done on the phone itself the ammount of customisation possible is limited.

Now here is a service that allows us to create themes and keep them. Finished themes can be shared directly or simply downloaded as SIS files for your phone. Moreover since the actual creation is done through computers the ammount of customisation available is much more. Almost everything can be selcted from the different templates available. The basic wallpaper has to be uploaded by the user and the rest is handled online. There are generally four sets of icons available for each type of item.

Here are a few examples:

Icons - Different Shades


Jump over and make your own theme, however keep in mind that the page takes a little time to load, but apart from that a great solution.

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