The Guru + Nseries = A Live Wedding!


It is always great to be the first one to do something. I rephrase, to be the first one in the entire freaking world to do something for the very first time! Ricky Cadden, the ‘Symbian-Guru’ will be getting married this Saturday, March 29th, 2008, at 7pm CST and he will be livecasting his entire wedding using 4 Nokia N82’s and the Flixwagon service. He even has a special page setup where we can follow all four camera feeds throughout the day. WOW!

Here’s wishing Ricky and Christina, the bride to be the very best of married life and heartiest congratulations! It will be wee hours in the morning here but I’ll try and turn on my laptop and join in on the celebrations! Cheers guys!

This project really makes me wonder where will technology take us one day? Even five years ago could someone have imagined that something like this is even possible? Distance is indeed no longer a barrier. This is where we need to take a bow, the N82 is really ‘storytelling rediscovered’.