From The Beta Labs: New Nokia Communication Center & Updates For Text Messenger, Location Tagger & Channels

Nokia Communication Center & Other Updates

The folks over at Beta Labs have been keeping busy these days. They have just released a new PC application called ‘Nokia Communication Center‘ which is a new simplified concept for managing messages and contacts in Nokia PC Suite. The good news is that it works with all Nokia devices that are compatible with PC Suite. The bad is that because its an early Beta it might have certain issues. From what I’ve seen of it so far, I like it!

Meanwhile the Nokia Text Messenger gadget for Windows Vista which fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device and displays them in the sidebar has also been updated.

Also, the wonderful Location Tagger has also received its last update.

Furthermore, the Nokia Channels application has also been reloaded and rebranded and launched as Nokia Headlines. A complete rundown of all the above below.


This new concept replaces four existing Nokia PC Suite features – Nokia Phone Browser, Nokia Text Message Editor, Nokia Contacts Editor, and Nokia Multimedia Factory – with one simple solution. This is an early release with the following features:

  • Create and send messages easily
  • Receive, view, forward, and reply to messages as they arrive
  • Compose multimedia messages effortlessly with easy access to the images on both PC and device
  • Manage messages, and sort and group them to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Display all your messages in a timeline
  • Manage all the contacts stored on your device
  • Add new contacts with ease
  • Create contact cards complete with thumbnail images

Depending upon the feedback Beta Labs receives, this will be integrated into the upcoming PC Suite versions.

Known Issues:

1) Opening unread message might crash application.
2) Export/Import functionality might not work correctly.
3) MMS management/sending might not work correctly.



Now that Nokia plans to include built in Geo-Tagging for selected devices [e.g. N78] this application is being shevled and will get no more updates. It however is quite stable and works well already. The latest release includes:

  • Persistent log. Now when you exit the application, your list of images in your logs tab will not disappear. When you delete an image from the Gallery of File Manager, the item will also be removed from the logs tag.
  • File renaming. There is additional option in the Settings menu to rename tagged file. The file name will be added _NLT as suffix. For example, if the original file name is image001.jpg, it will be renamed to image001_NLT.jpg. This feature will allow you to easily differentiate between tagged and non-tagged files.
  • Get location from cache. As you may know from our last posting that Location Tagger tags pictures with the last known position in the last 1 hour. If there is no last known position, it will put pictures in the queue until time-out. We added a new feature that allows you to get location from GPS device’s cache.
  • Optimization and some bug fixes. This new version should run relatively faster than the previous one.



I have seen few people use this service, but according to Beta Labs it is still going strong and therefore has recived this update and rebranding.

New features:

  1. New name and icon: Headlines
  2. If the battery level drops below 14%, the intelligent content background updater stops automatically.
  3. After reboot background updater starts automatically.
  4. Publication content packages are stored to memory card when available.
  5. Possibility to offer “preinstalled” publications.
  6. Add content item added to Option menu in My content view.
  7. Possibility to fetch advertisements from publisher’s own Ad serving platform.

Key fixes:

  1. Memory leakage fixed when browsing back and forth on headline tabs.
  2. Memory full notification fixed.
  3. Minor UI fixes in All content and My content views.


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