Nokia Music PC Application Launched

Nokia Music PC Application Out

Nokia Beta Labs has been really turning it on these past few. The Nokia Music PC application that was demoed way back last year has finally made out in an early beta form. The idea behind the application was ease of use and convenience. The application makes possible to rip CDs directly to a connected device (just drag and drop the CD icon to your device – job done!) and move playlists you have created while out and about back to your PC collection. Nokia Music is also one of the first applications to take use Microsoft’s new WPF technology.

As part of their policy of remaining open, the PC application should function with any MTP-compliant device, whether it be a Nokia device or another brand MP3 player! Future versions of the application will also integrate Nokia’s Music Store and things such as artwork retrieval and a recommendations feature.

Give it a rip and let them know what you think! Some people are reporting that they are having issues getting it to run on XP SP3 and the team is working on it. I’ll meanwhile install and see how it goes from there!


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  1. I can’t wait till it comes out in australia! I found this really nice music store I believe they just launched and are adding music everyday, it’s kind of exciting to watch!

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