Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its ‘Phones’

Nokia Not Switching Over To Linux For Its 'Phones'

The anxiety is over folks. Nokia has no plans to switch over to Linux as the OS for its phones. As you may be aware a few days back there were reports that Nokia was planning to shift to Linux for its lineup; these were caused when comments from Rick Simonson, Nokia’s Financial Director, that the mobile phone giant was “well on the way” towards using Linux on mobile phones were misinterpreted. The confusion came from the definition of a mobile phone, and what constitutes a phone handset. Nokia already uses Linux on its internet tablets (N800, N810) and is planning to expand that class into more feature-rich devices.

The N810 already features VoIP, including a Skype client, but so far those have only been usable when logged on to a WiFi hotspot. But in the US Nokia has announced and demonstrated a version of the N810 with WiMAX support, which will give it the always-on connectivity that traditionally defines a mobile phone.

Thats it, rest assured, Nokia’s class leading Nseries and Eseries devices will continue to run our favourite Symbian OS and this is no surprise considering how deeply is Nokia invested in S60. (Via: SF and The Register)