An Evening With S60 In Boston & A Rant

An Evening With S60

The latest in the series of Evenings with S60 has been announced and this time it is in Boston on the 5th of June. So for all of you in the area its time for a fun filled evening where you will get to meet fellow S60 enthusiasts and get a chance to demo the latest S60/Nokia devices over food and drinks. To make your evening even better you’ll have Symbian Guru Ricky Cadden as the MC! Head over to See Into S60 Blog for more and make sure you register here.

How I wish I could take a flight and go, just for the evening! But it is rant time and as I see it, there have been endless ‘Evening With S60’ events throught the world be it New York, Milan, Helsinki, London, Miami, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco and the list goes on and yet there has been none here in India, the Second Largest Mobile Market in the world! Nokia/S60 holds the biggest market share in India and still we have not had a single event leave alone multiple events like in the US. Even if you are already doing well here, unlike in the states, there is always room for promotion. I’ll stop here, I could go on and on but it would only culminate into one thing, we need such evenings here too, not just one but many!

I know something must be being worked out, but I just couldn’t help myself. If you are in India and are reading this, do put in a comment urging the good people at S60! Lets have one here and quick, pretty please! 😉

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  1. Thanks for the link, and the rant. Have you expressed this on the Consumed by S60 blog?, I’d recommend leaving a comment on the latest post (or you could leave it as a comment on the Evening with S60 Boston announcement, as well.

    State a specific city, for sure, ask politely. That’s the most likely to get a city added to the list, I know they’re working on continuing to have Evening with S60 events, but I’ve no idea what the current ‘target’ list looks like.

  2. Hi Ricky, thanks for the heads up. In fact I did speak to Saara about it back in Barcelona at the MWC and later over email. She says the team is on it, however through this post I was hoping to get the readers’ sentiment across too in addition to mine.

  3. This is the first time i an hearing to such a thing but it will surely be nice to have it. Now that you mention it vaibhav we must have it… Pretty Please! 😉

  4. come on lets get this done with once a life time party for the s60 fans down here

    Cheers vaibhav for the initiative

  5. Hi Guys,

    We hear you, we hear you. What can I say – but that we’re working on it! Mumbai and Delhi is high up on our list (I just hope like hell that we don’t have to choose between the two!). 🙂

    While we do our best to listen to what you are saying on the various forums and blogs out there, posting to our ‘Consumed by S60’ blog ( sure makes it easier for us to find your requests.

    Keep your feedback coming – city, distance you’d be willing to travel to, what you are hoping to see/do in the event, how many people you think will turn up – all that good stuff we can use in our planning.

    While we work on getting some events to India, have you considered becoming an S60 Ambassador yet? Check out our spanking new site:

    I know some of you are Ambassadors already (I recognize some of the nicks on here :). Those who aren’t – get on board!

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