Live E71 Shots & Review

Live E71 Shots Live E71 Shots

Today seems to be an Eseries day! After TIM showcasing the E66 and E71, it is BGR which has not only got live pictures but also a small hands on preview on the thin Eseries QWERTY. There is a complete gallery with comparison shots with the iPhone and the N95 8GB. For those of you in the US, this device has US 3G support too! Jump over for the rest.

[Update – The BGR E71 Review is up too.]

4 thoughts on “Live E71 Shots & Review”

  1. beautiful … now I am lost, should I buy N95 or e71 … I am not much into taking superb pictures with a phone. I just need a camera that takes clear and bright pictures, not superb as for that I have my own digi cam … still lost … obviously qwerty keys are a + ….

    What is teh screen size of e71 in inches? I read somewhere that its 2.8″ but it does not seem so …?

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