Official E66 & E71 Photos

Official E66 & E71 Photos

Official E66 & E71 Photos

These pictures are apparently from a convention held by an Italian operator TIM for dealers. After the FCC sighting yesterday and now this, the official announcement can’t be far!

It appears as if the sim free E71 will retail for 449 Euros and the E66 for 429 Euros. (That’s exorbitant! But may be its just the initial price for that region, I wish I could read Italian!))

E66 & E71 On TIM - Share on Ovi

As far as specifications go, S60 3rd FP1, 3.2M camera AF (with an LED flash) and GPS have been confirmed for both of them as well. E71 and E66 come with 1500mAh BP-4L and 1000mAh BL-4U batteries respectively. Nokia where is the official announcement? I love both these phones!

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