The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60

A couple of days ago Mark wrote a post detailing the first 10 applications he installs on any S60 Nokia he gets his hands on and invited other long term users to share what they do once they get a new phone. This is something I have also been wanting do for some time now, so after the break you can find the first ten applications I let rip on my devices.


This is undoubtedly the first application I install. In fact I install two of these, one for personal mail and the other for the official stuff. This became possible after Stefan found a nifty way to install two clients at the same time. I can’t seem to find the link, but all you need to do is simply install the ‘Gmail’ client from this link and then select the option ‘Are you in the UK or Germany’ and then install the ‘Google Mail’ client from there. Easy.


Undoubtedly one of the best file managers for S60. X-plore comes very close but nothing beats free. (I think X-plore comes in a almost free variant too – with a nag screen). Y-browser with all its plugins gives you fast access to both the phone and memory card, plus a direct shortcut to the files you may have received via Bluetooth or IR in your Inbox. An absolutely necessary replacement to the File Manager Nokias’ ship with. Download link.


An able default taskmanager replacement, Handy Taskman adds a favourites menu in addition to showing details about the free RAM and storage space. It also has a ‘Find & Start’ option which is wonderful, especially if the application you are looking for gets lost in the myraid of folders or tens of applications you may have installed. Download link.


It allows us to toggle the bluetooth with just one click, very handy. It has no UI, nothing. When you click on it, the bluetooth gets activated and another click deactivates it! You will need to put it through Open Signed though. For added utility set it up (Tools> Settings> General> Personalisation> StandbyMode> Shortcuts) to show up in the Standby Screen and thus create a dedicated bluetooth key. Download link.


A blogger’s best friend and as the name suggests it allows us to take screen shots of the screen. I also use it to take screen shots while browsing the websites, as record when I need to write something down. Till the time we get copy/paste in the Browser, this is the application to look to. Download link.


One of the best dictionaries for S60 handsets today. Available for both 2nd and 3rd Edition handsets and brings with it an extensive amount of dictionaries from the plain English to Medical. The dictionaries are comprehensive and words are interlinked to help in better understanding. Download link.


It was one of the first applications to be ported for used with 3rd Edition handsets and till date remains a great replacementfor the default calculator. Awesome and really easy to use, it allows us to input all mathematical operators with the D pad as oppossed to scrolling around which is the trademark of the default. Download link.


It offers a host of features such as controlling the Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp and so on. It also offers mouse control from the cell phone itself. It can be used to shutdown the computer and also helps the phone act as a proximity badge. All of this helps making it a must have! Download link.


This is again a must have for letting me drop in almost anything without converting and it playing the media well. Its role in helping the Web Browser download files with extensions such as .rar also casts another vote in its favour. Download link.


This is the tenth slot and I have no more room left, so I am going to cheat. Since Nokia has so much going on always at the Beta Labs, they are a must stop. Grabbing Location Tagger, Conversations and a few other applications from there is mandatory. Plus I update the Share Online client and also the Maps client.

7 thoughts on “The First 10 Applications I Install On My S60”

  1. Worldmate?
    Opera mini?

    And i think x plore is way better than y browser despite the nag screen. The tree file system is so convenient.

  2. A great alternative to Y-browser or Fexplorer is Activefile. It’s a must have application on my s60 v3 mobile. It offers many features. One of the best being the 2 tab panels, which makes copying/moving files very easy. Best of all…It’s freeware.

  3. nice choice, Vaibhav!

    Good alternative to MDict: Speereo Voice Translator.

    Another useful program is AutoExec (automatically loads selected programs on startup).
    For me these are my antivirus, messenger and reminder.
    Try googling for it, official site is down, and I don’t know why.

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