Pre Sales Review Of The BH-703

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I am not a very bluetooth headset person. Infact till about a year back I won’t have even considered wearing one. But with time, thankfully they have become much better looking, slim, sleek and wearable. Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I was able to get my hands the BH-703, one of the best looking headsets in the market today. I have been using it for a few days now and in this post I try and bring you my thoughts on it.


BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi

I am not too finicky when it comes to how a mobile phone looks like and probably will take features over appearances, but and this is a big but, when it comes to Bluetooth headsets, it has to be good looking. This is something that you will be practically be wearing through the day, unlike the phone which probably spends the day in your pocket. Fortunately, the BH-703 looks good and it might even get you a query or two about it too.


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As a natural corollary to the above, comes comfort. Naturally, if you are going be wearing something over long periods of the day, it better feel right. The BH-703 ships with earpieces in three sizes, so you can pick the one that suits you.

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Next, according to the user guide, you can use it in two ways, with the loop or without it. However if you choose to use it without the loop, you will need to push it right into the ear in order to keep it from falling off. This is something I do not like doing, so it wasn’t an option for me.

BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi

The BH-703 allows one to manually insert the loop and then adjust it according to one’s preferences for a perfect fit. Incase the headset needs to be worn on the other ear, a simple twist and rotation of the loop does it. Nice. So once I set it up according to my liking and began using it, it didn’t feel too bad, infact after a while I forgot I was wearing it at all and with time have gotten used to it. The one gripe I have that it isn’t very secure and is prone to getting dislodged, walking is fine but running is a no.


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Nokia advertises a 160 hour standby time and 6 hours of talk time. This figure seems to be fairly accurate, give or take an hour. But the most interesting part about the headset is that if features a micro USB port for charging and this is the first Nokia I have seen that does that. The final sales package will feature a AC-6 micro USB charger, I meanwhile use the N82 data cable to charge the device and it works perfectly. This move from Nokia is both good and bad. Good because we will be finally able to charge it even with a laptop – on the go. But since it lacks any support for the conventional Nokia charger that is very popular around the world, its wide availability is missed (read additional baggage). Fortunately the a hour full charge time somewhat makes up for that.


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The headset is easy to setup and use. It features a multi fuction button that does everything from turning the headset on, to pairing, to making and receiving calls and when pressed it makes a definitive click. A single tap, receives the call and another hangs up. In the standby mode a quick double tap redials the last dialed number. A long press turns the headset off/on and an extended press enters the headset into pairing mode.

As a novel feature, the BH-703 features touch volume control. The entire area under the multi function key is touch sensitive and a flick of the finger downwards reduces the in call volume and vice-versa. This works in the Music Player too. I am still getting getting used to the touch and the results are mixed. Everytime I fiddle with the volume a beep sounds in order to tell me that the change has been affected, this becomes irritating after a while, wouldn’t I automatically come to know if the volume change has worked or not without it needing to tell me?! Plus merely tapping on the top or bottom doesn’t work, the finger needs to be swiped in either direction. This is something that needs getting used to.


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The BH-703 features something known as Digital signal processing (DSP) for better audio quality and this thing works. The call sound quality on this thing is good, crystal clear and you won’t come to know that you were using a headset. There is no cracking or stuttering of any sort even when the phone is a little far away. Infact I’ve used the headset with ease even while I was separated by a wall. If I happened to go too far and return, the connection was made again automatically. Music on the otherhand doesn’t sound all that great, but then this thing wasn’t made for it.


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The headset also ships with a lanyard in case you don’t want to wear the headset in the ear all day, yet have it accessible in an instant. It is also very useful when due to your current activity there is a chance of the thing falling off the ear.

With all of this in mind, I am tempted to say that the BH-703 one of better headsets in the market today and if you are looking for one, make sure you check it out once it becomes available, which is very soon. In case there’s something you want me to cover that I’ve missed, just drop a comment.

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