Shozu Adds Support For Share On Ovi

Shozu Adds Support For Share On Ovi

Matthew brings news that Shozu has added support for Nokia’s Share on Ovi platform and now users can choose to upload to Ovi directly instead of the email option we were forced to use. Ovi will be available in the list of supported sites and all you need to do is enter your account details and where you want the uploads to go and thats it, just like you would set up Flickr. If you are new to Shozu, its a mobile application that manages your web uploads and allows a user to upload to more than one locations in one go.

This would mean that Shozu’s desktop client will also support direct uploads and Share on Ovi will get a much needed desktop upload tool. I personally would like a desktop upload tool from Nokia directly, but until then, here’s Shozu.

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  1. Yep, Saw that but Photos is quite a heavy application. I’m talking in terms of a Flickr like uploader, that would preferably give me a Send to Ovi right click option!

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