Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go

I don’t know if any one of you has felt the need to delete all calender entries on the phone in one go, but for me, this one thing I have been wanting to do without hassle for a long time. There may be an occassion when you need to lend a phone to a friend for a while but before that want to delete all private data such as Contacts, Text Messages, Notes and so on. Fortunately all of these can be easily deleted by a simple ‘Mark All’ and then selecting ‘Delete’. However deleting multiple calender entries in one go can be a bother and the only solution is a *#7370# format. This is also specially irritating when a sync goes wrong or when you want to preserve the installed applications.

Fortunately there are two very simple ways of doing this easily and quickly, read on.

The first method is a simple matter of installing this freeware application called ‘CalDelete’ and running it. (via Symbian Smartphone)

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go


The second method is something I had used for a long time before S60 Third Edition’s advent. Unfortunately this became impossible because of the caged directories and restricted system access. However if you have managed to MOD your phone to allow for full system access, deleting the calender entries is a simple matter of deleting the ‘Calender’ file in the ‘Private’ directory.

Delete All Calender Entries In One Go Contacts

This method is also a great way to back up the Calender, Contacts etc as all you need to do is copy the file and keep it in a safe location. When you want your data back, just delete the existing file and replace it with the backed up version.

10 thoughts on “Delete All Calender Entries In One Go”

  1. i used to use this old method before nokia’s lock down to copy calendar, notes, bookmarks etc and copy back to a handset after a full format. Would you know where the files are for notes, bookmarks etc?

  2. I have a nokia E52 that s60v3 i believe
    it doesnt have the delete all option in the cal options
    instead it has a delete before option in the cal which doesnt work

    can anyone help me out with this as i have like 4 copies of everything in my cal

  3. figured it!

    in nokia e 52 there is no option to select all in the month view.
    instead on your pc suite window for the software you select the list view then ctrl+A then delete

  4. Information obtained from another Website:

    “Open Calendar in month view, and select Options > Delete entries (or Delete events). You can choose to delete all entries or the entries before a selected date.”

    It worked for me.

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