E66 & E71 Demonstrations Now Live On Nokia’s Website

E66 & E71 Demonstrations Up On Nokia\'s Website

After months of anticipation, waiting, leaks, live pictures and even a review the E66 and E71 Demonstrations have finally gone live on the Nokia website. We’r not sure this is an ‘official launch’ or whether these demonstrations will be taken down as mistake, there are still no press releases or press photos too. But for what its worth Demos for both the E66 and E71 are up.

If this is actually the way Nokia are going to announce these phones, its a pity and they couldn’t have picked a worse time. Its iPhone week and hate it or love it you can’t ignore it, but this will surely mean that these two wonderful devices will not get their fair share of publicity. Whether or not will there be a glitzy launch or these phones just arrive unannounced remains to be seen, for now all we can do is check them out online. (via: Pasco)

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  1. А почему у вас сайт в таких странных тонах? Содержание отличное, а дезайн можно поинтереснее сделать 😉

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