Possibly Leaked Images Of The N85

Possibly Leaked Images Of The N85

We’ve just hit upon a few images of what is rumoured to be the N85. As you can see the phone just carries a ‘N00’ marking but word has it that the N85 is up next without there being a N83 announcement. This is supposed to be the next generation of the N96, video focused, GPS, GeoTagging, the now usual Nseries feature set and based on S60 FP2 possibly. These pictures seem to be of an early early proto and seem authentic. Jump over for more.

 Nokia N85?

This may or may not be the N85, but it surely is an Nseries leak that has come after a long time. The form factor seems to be similar to the N81 but with a bigger screen and a strong E65 resemblance when the slide is open. The Navi Wheel too seems to have become a standard on Nseries devices. All we can hope for is a big battery because this device doesn’t have the xenon attraction as it is.

Nokia N85? Nokia N85? Nokia N85?

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6 thoughts on “Possibly Leaked Images Of The N85”

  1. WHY are nokia pursueing with the n81 design, which IMO is horrible.
    why not something like the n82, except with the larger screen and better keypad?

  2. I personally like sliders so the design doesn’t bother me. The problem with N82 like candybar phones is that they can’t have large screens or the phone will become too big.

  3. I hate concealed keys. For extra keys like the music controls, it’s OK. But when the menu key isn’t visible with the light off, you’ve got serious design issues.

    Oh and if this thing has mass memory + SD card slot + huge battery + 3D acceleration, I’m buying it on the first day. Would make the perfect successor to my MUCH beloved N95

    I believe Nokia struck gold with the N95, it looks good enough, is jam packed with features and with the 20+ firmware versions, is a joy to use. Best. Nokia. Ever.

  4. looks like nokia IS releasing an upgraded n82!

    if the n79 pictures are real, its gonna be the sweetest phone EVER.
    look at the keypad!

    and vaibav, any idea where i can get a bluetooth keyboard in india? and how much will it put me back by? i cant find one anywhere.

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