Updates For Share On Ovi

Updates For Share On Ovi

You may noticed that noticed Share On Ovi was down for a liitle while and that was because it was being given two enhancements. The first is the support for PicLens, which allows for interactive viewing and browsing of media on Share in a full screen mode. In order to use this features, simply install the plugin and then simply mouse over media on Share and click on the PicLens play button that appears in the lower left hand corner to view.

The second is the addition of another Image Size, ‘Extra Large’ based on popular demand. Also added is a new into video. I still have a few suggessions, some of which I have made earlier too and a complaint. Read on.

Here’s What I Want Added:

– An open in a new window option for image browsing.

– A Flickr like Desktop uploader that gives us a right click, ‘Send To Ovi’ option.

– Lesser downtimes, they are far too frequent.

– A ‘Download’ Channel button for easy sharing (I’m not sure about the bandwidth issues it’ll create for Share, but will be a big boon for the users)

– If downtimes weren’t enough, I certainly don’t want to see this:

Share is still growing and is no where near Flickr levels of activity and if we are getting to see this now, I can only pray! I really like Share and have given up using Flickr and hope the team continues to listen to people like they do now and I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit!

3 thoughts on “Updates For Share On Ovi”

  1. Im not getting Piclens to work here at the moment with my OVI account, and have Piclens plug in installed, and have done for quite a while now. Was looking forward to this too.

  2. Its ok, I have figured it out now. You can view everyone elses photos using PicLens, but not your own from my Media, to view my own photos, i had to search for myself, and then the PicLens Icon was showing on each photo.

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