A Real World Review Of The N82 – I

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I recently got my hands on the beautiful looking N82 Black. It isn’t different at all from the N82 silver but the colour alone adds another dimension to the device and makes it much more appealing. Since I had already reviewed the N82 in parts here, here, here & here, I decided it would be best if I could get you another prespective on the device – a real world prespective. What people who are new to S60, or lets  just say as into it as I am, feel about the device?

With that in mind the N82 Black was handed over to friends and family for their take on what it in my opinion  is one of the best Nseries devices ever made. Jump over for the first review in this series.

First up is a reveiw from a friend, but before we get to Suchreet’s thoughts, let me give you a little background. She like me is also a law student, fairly new to S60 devices and is currently using the E51 as her primary device. Now read on for what she has to say about the Black N82.

A Real World Review Of The N82 - I

I recently used the N82. I liked it in the first look, its pretty handsome, and there is no pun intended there!  Somehow, i found it to be a light phone, according to its size.

As you open the N82 box, it greets you with the caption, ‘Discover, capture and share. Your story starts here…’ True to its word. The feature that stands out most is the camera- 5 mega pixels, Carl Zeiss lens, with a xenon flashlight, that can blind you after a click! What more can you ask for in a cell phone! You can go on a picture clicking rampage at the click of ur mood, without having to feel bad about forgetting your digi cam back home! And that, is a spirit lifter for me! The phone allows you different scene modes to click landscapes, portraits, close ups sports etc. For amateur cellphone photographers, there is a reason to learn more! The camera makes you wanna click a few more pics, capture a couple of more moments and create and store some more memories than u ordinarily wouldn’t . Even random situations you itch to capture. For me, its only in the hope to get a few more picture perfects! Seriously, ‘story telling rediscovered’.

I like the rotating screen option. Spares one the odd bends! The practically unlimited contact memory makes it a good phone for people like me. I quite like the small button that tells you of the last things done! (Vaibhav: I love last picture taken key too, its a pity that its absent from upcoming newer devices!)

I wouldn’t call the keypad uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t tag it comfortable either. It can get a little tiring for frequent messaging users. Though the volume/zoom keys on the side of the phone are rather ‘unpushy’ and easy to use, unlike the E51! I simply dislike the themes, dull, boring and pathetic to say the least. But then again, one can always download something loads better. The graphics of the game ‘snake’ are ugly, in my opinion. Sorry if that offends someone, but too bad!

The sound is good too. Though I really don’t know why the radio refuses to blare, or even be audible on the loudspeaker mode. With the many features,  wifi, camera and a flashlight that makes you wanna run for your shades even at night, I found the phone to be battery intensive.

Better keep your charger handy!

Suchreet, thanks a ton for taking the time out and writing this up!

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  1. vaibhav, i dnt really find d n82 as d best nseries fone till date as i find d n95’s screen and form factor as d deal breakers, it jst needs a battery boost nd xenon flash

  2. used with right brains and knowledge, this is indeed one of the best smartphones Nokia has ever made. Keypads are not supposed to give you qwerty experiece of (say e61i) but then you if love it and are keen to work it for you, you will be able to type with a fair spped on it. I use my n 82 to blog, use push mail (emoze) on it, send out massive mails, snap and share, check sheets and docs on quickoffice 5.

    I do that because I wanted my phone to do that for me. Ofcourse, i will agree, its not very comfortable but its not “bad” either.

  3. i just wanna say my high school best friend’s name is vaibhav. smart guy. anyways, i have an n82 black and it is pretty awesome. i had the classic n95 for a few days, then the n95 8gb for a couple of days, but the n82 is a keeper. love the xenon, i don’t know how i can get a new mobile without a xenon flash. at first i thought the keypad would be a turn off but after about a week, i got used to it.

  4. Well I had an N95 Classic last year , then i bought n95 8GB , which is by the way a very nice phone ,ithink first nseries phone at that time with 128MB Ram . No memoryfull issues in multi tasking.but i had to sell it after 4 months .

    i am a heavy user and although i didnt like switching to 2.4 screen of N82 ,but the lens even with extensive care got scratched. Although the slider is better than N95 Classic but still not upto the standard after just one month my n95 8GB slider started making creaking noises

    Then i got N82 silver sort of grew on me .And in my opinion the most robust Nseries Phone till now.

    In N96 Fp2 features look very nice ,but again lack of lens cover and slide mechanism . And since 5th edition phones like 5800 are out there for long now and software availble for them.

    I guess N97 is the worth waiting . I have sold my N82 silver and have got a new N82 Black. I am avery frequent changer but n82 has been the only phone that has stayed with me for the longest time

    i know N79,N85,N96 ,& 5800 are out there but in my humble opinion for me the most important thing in a phone is that it is robust and not fragile .

    So can you believe that i am getting an N82 for the second time

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