Google Reader For S60 Revamped

Greader For S60 Revamped   

Close on the heels of the iPhone Google Reader which worked on S60 devices too, comes a very own S60 optimised Google Reader. The URL now takes us to the screen pictured above. This is quite an improvement over the plain reader that was otherwise a standard on S60 Browsers. Earlier only the title of the post was visible, now the first two lines of the post also find their way into the screen space. Unlike using the iPhone version on S60 in which one had to approximate links, this version clear indicated them with a box surrounding it and features such as staring a post need not be done by hit and trial. Screenshots from the N95 and E90 below.


The above is the iPhone version. Below is iPhone Greader – S60 Greader comparison.


Below are screengrabs from the E90, the first is the iReader and the second is the S60 optimised Google Reader.

On the PC the Google Reader Mobile link, still takes us to the old version. However if you open it with the S60 browser it displays what is pictured above.

19 thoughts on “Google Reader For S60 Revamped”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t like it. I know that RSS reading styles differ – eg some people like the “river of news” style. But my reading style on my S60 is more about picking the headlines that matter in a glance. With the new version of Google Reader for S60, I now have to scroll.

  2. Does anyone else actually have links you can click on??

    I see the news articles, but if I want to read more, there is nothing to click on.

  3. I liked iPhone greader better. Still do. It also got updated. What I like most, is that if you click on heading it unveils post text to you without reloading a full page like S60 greader does. And it opens full articles in new window, (and since I got N82, that’s fine, there is plenty of RAM). Overall, iPhone version seems better suited for high RAM devices, and S60 version is better for something like Nokia 6120. I tried both and returned to iPhone greader.

  4. i love the old version because its FAST! and no nonsense. i use desktop if i need more features.
    on my n82, the nos of new posts almost hidden in the FEED page and i have to zoom out to view all new subscriptions..wish google allow us to switch to bare-bone classic version..bummer

  5. Only the i version seems to be there for the N95 (and other S60?) now! redirects to page. The email link still uses html tags rendering it useless in the native email client.

  6. When the new version first came out it didn’t work on my Nokia 6120c but about a month ago it started working, allowing me to view by feed. Now it’s not working at all and the only way I can use Google Reader now is through Opera Mini which uses the older version which I prefer anyway. If Opera Mini is down though, I’m stuck with no access.

  7. Seriously great – and works in Opera Mobile / Mini. I really enjoy using it. The best so far for me. Snaptu is not so bad either though – you can add you own feeds.

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