Nokia Download Store Debuts

Nokia Download Store

Nine months after releasing the dedicated Download! client for the PC, Nokia have done away with the idea of a installable client and have moved onto a web based Download! store. The Nokia Download Store is a Web shop for trying and buying content for your Nokia device. From Nokia Download Store you can find, preview and buy a wide variety of content, applications and services from a range of different providers. Previewing and downloading applications doesn’t cost you anything, but if you want to buy something, you may have to pay for that item.

In my opinion is one of the smarter things Nokia has done. Bringing different developers under one roof while giving the concumer a one stop shop for all his needs can never go wrong. There is a ‘Top Downloads’ section for popular software and also a ‘New Downloads’ for the latest stuff; there is also catagorisation into Apps and Games. The one part I don’t quite get about Nokia is why don’t they roll out services all countries in one go? Here too, only about 17 countries along with a few operators are supported. Unfortunately India is not supported so I couldn’t give the complete mechanism a try.

However if you just select any country and operator, the download system still works. The one thing that this country and operator selection does is customise the Download section a little for probably cater to local taste. In case you like the application and want to but it, Nokia uses Openbit License Key Manager for handling payment. A notable omission is the freeware section, there seem to be only try and buy type of applications available.

Last but not the least Nokia please make your websites, S60 browser friendly. Its a pain to navigate Nokia websites on Nokia phones. It’ll be nice to have this store easily accessible on the go too, wouldn’t it? Check it out here.

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