Running Google’s Android On A N95

This one hit me completely out of the blue. Apparently a chap named Jovan has managed to get Android up and running on a Nokia N95. Yes, the same Nokia N95 that runs the S60 operating system. He claims to now have a dual boot between Andriod and S60. He backs up this claim by the video above and another one below, with which he demoes Google Maps and the Dialer. After playing with this setup he says, “My impressions after using it are all positive, its much faster than Symbian, looks better, thought some functions still dont work, and the 3D engine is slow and lags”.

First of all, congratulations on the mod. However I don’t really know how I feel, its great to see so much control in the user’s hands but S60 is an OS that I love and anything that displaces it, well..

The second video after the break.

Do keep in mind all of this might be fake, but if its not, what do you think? Will you like to have a Andriod powered N95?

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  1. Absofuknlutely Crazy,

    This thing came out straight from my dreams and right into my RSS reader.

    Though it’s too detailed to be dismissed as fake, I would’ve loved to see if the user is actually pressing buttons or just playing a full screen video on the inbuilt real player.

  2. I’d believe ‘dual boot’ if we watched it from power up and thru a bootloader.

    Quite possibly flash?

  3. He used the N95-1 (64MB of RAM) or the N95-3 (128MB?), cos I’ve the N95-1 and I’m interresed in this OS…

  4. Am yet to test the applications that i created on mobiles… have done them on the emulator though… this blog boosts my confidence… good work 😛

  5. Wow, i never thought the Symbian Platform’s “Open to anything” could go this far. Amazingly good job. Would love to see this be publicly available.

  6. i seriously doubt in this, but if this has been done, then why he didnt boot limo? or wimo?
    i would like to see how did he pass ekern.exe and load android kern to ram.
    so far i cant belive, but if this is true, then…i have no words except that this man is big knower of n95 hdware and software and c++.
    simply, it is fascinating, but again, who knows…
    best regards
    wook, sf team

  7. I have the Nokia N95 8GB. I like the hardware (although I won’t ever go for a phone without a touch screen again)

    But the software is abysmal. S60 is like something from 10 years ago. Web browsing is incredibly slow, even when using Wlan. It does not support JavaScript. It often won’t remember Wlan passwords (often it does, often it doesn’t and I have to re-type it). The GPS is slow. The media player sucks. There are very few free applications that one can download. …..and the list goes on.

    Needless to say, this is the last Nokia and the last Symbian phone I’m getting in a long time. Android all the way. If I can find out how to get Android to replace Symbian on my N95, I’ll be very happy and DEFINITELY do it.

    I’ve tried out the T-mobile G1 a few times, and web browsing is an incredible experience on it. Fast and incredibly easy. I really regret having bought the N95.

  8. I fully agree with you Robin. The S60 implementation in the N95 is slow, non-intuitive and lacks overall integration. Built-in features are just on a version 0.9 level. I also hate having to retype WLAN passwords, not being able to enable T9 in all text-boxes. Why can’t contacts birthdays automaticly be reminders in the calendar? Also I miss and complete list of entries in my calendar, not just tasks! Select an SMS message (with a DRM key) takes forever, and it is not possible to abandon the action, by pressing the “Cancel key”. The fancy “right button” menu takes around 2 secs to display. The standard “screen-saver” clock has a tiny font-size, which makes it hard to read. Someone made an replacement, with a large size fontface, which actually makes it useable, but the LCD-type font used, reminds me of something of the ZX81 personal computer made nearly 30 yrs ago. Delete pictures and music files is so painfully slow. Starting up the camera is also something that really stresses your patience. When making a dial, where you wish to use the phone with the speaker enabled, it is not possible to enable the speaker before long after you have placed the call, not very handy in a car. And yes the GPS is still slow. The mediaplayer could really use some brush-up with features like “list other music of same artist” or “list other music from the same album” in the phone, or on the internet! And why does downloaded ringtones have to be saved among the music, ending up playing when I play from the list of all music???

    And then there is this salami method that Nokia has been using to the GPS features. In the initial version that came with the phone, you could set up a route and see it in the map, it wasn’t really a guided route, but you could plan the route. When I updated the firmware of the phone, this feature disappeared. Leaving me to buy a time-limited route-planning featured. Gee Nokia!!! I’ve already paid for this once when I bought this phone, and it wasn’t cheap!

    Please share some info on how to replace the Symbian S60 in the N95.

  9. Robin & Reiche are spot on!
    Everything they’ve described is what bugs me about my N95 8GB. I would love to replace S60 with something else.

  10. am pleased that i bought n82 instead of n95.but.what about n82?i think the tool required must be a general boot loader among n82.n95.6220c or something else.and…am looking for the good news…

  11. guys,,,,we cannot change the S60 series to the android ,because it is an open source the built as a “hardware built”also most of the android phones have ram more than 256 MB,and also the platform is built in that phones

  12. bro how can i download this app plz tell me this app’s link plz plz i need this app plz tell me the site or download link…..:)

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