Stealth Mode On Your S60


Pizero’s just released his latest theme titled Stealth and I Iove it. The idea behind Stealth is to replace all default and 3rd party application icons with blanks and give the apprearance as if they were missing, which along with a black background creates the illusion as if the the screen is not on. This theme is great for times when you are in the movie hall and need to hammer out a text message and not bother the others around you with a bright screen or a million other uses you might think of.

The theme comes in two versions, Stealth – very dark with basic functions and Full Stealth which even removes the clock and comes with a default Nokia icon option. Download link.

One thought on “Stealth Mode On Your S60”

  1. i was criusly wa8ing fr it to come outta beta

    and it finally has……..yayyyy……….n its improved

    thnx !!!!!

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