Thoughts On The E66 & E71

The initial euphoria and the rush that comes with long awaited product launches is finally over and after going through a lot of information on these new blue eyed boys of the Eseries lineup, I have decided to pen my own thoughts. The one thing I can say for sure that these are two of the most good looking devices ever made by Nokia and the White Steel colour/material combination is an absolute killer. However inspite of the fact that they have been released together, basically offer the same specifications and are targetted at the same group of people these are two completly different devices.


Thoughts On The E66 & E71

The E66 is a classy slider, slim and comparatively light at a 121 grams considering the steel build. The 2.4″ screen and dedicated application buttons also do it no harm. A 1000 mAh battery should at least keep it going for a day without much of a problem. The interesting addition in this phone is the accelerometer, there is automatic screen rotation and full screen view. In addition to this, the E66 will be the first Nokia device to include Flip Silent functionality, turn the phone around and an incoming call gets silenced, nice.

As far as build quality goes Eseries always seems to deliver and the steel will help it go a long way in that direction. This device in my opinion, will attract a lot of women owing to its design, size and looks inspite of the fact that its in no way ‘girly’. On the multimedia side there is a 3.2 mpx camera with a dedicated button and the ability to capture QVGA video at 15 frames per second. The 2.5mm jack is there to play spoil sport again.


Thoughts On The E66 & E71

The E71 on the other hand is the world’s slimmest QWERTY and this is a phone I am really looking forward to. The E71 will be the device that will make people *want* to  upgrade unlike the E66. The E61/E62 owners are definite candidates but so is anyone looking for a good Nokia QWERTY. The only other handset that has this functionality is the E90 and that for a lot of people it is simply too huge. If that is not an issue then the keyboard on it is simply to wide for a lot of people’s likings.

The 3.2 auto focus camera might also be barely enough to attract Nseries loyalists. However having said that, the E71 does not have a dedicated camera key and in order to make a picture you will need to press and ‘T’ button to focus and the D pad to then click the picture. Inconvenient. But when it will come to battery life, this boy will rule the roost, a 1500 mAh battery in a 2.4″ screen is divine, two days on heavy usage and you might still get home with some juice left.


The Eseries people are generally slower to bring in newer features and practice caution rather than live on the edge. This explains why there is no FP2, but to be honest, I don’t see this as a big deal at all. The enhanced email support, the homescreen customisation, plugins and so on more than make up for it. There is also a nice security application that allows remote locking and wiping of the device to protect sensitive data.

Both devices will be available in Grey Steel or White Steel, are priced around the 350€ mark with the E66 being slightly cheaper and will be widely available in Q3.


There is little doubt that these devices will do well, both in the enterprise market and otherwise. If I could, I would run out and get myself a White Steel E71, NOW!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts On The E66 & E71”

  1. Both the phones look really good.

    Few good phones being rolled out in E series when i think so that the N series is not keeping up the pace.

    Good buy in the mid-range segment. I think the N series phones in this segment would loose out to these maybe even the N81.

    I personally like the look of the E71 the Grey one.

  2. I also love these gorgeous beauties,But one thing that is troubling my mind is Why Nokia keeps on producing Exactly the same Design flow almost for about 3 generations?E71 is a replica of E61,though it comes with some Improvements and E66 is also resembling the E65.Are the running out of new Designs or is that the result of user choice?N95,N96 and the recent rumored dual slider same story………..

  3. Ish Puneet, These won’t exactly be mid segment. More around what the N82 sells for.

    Ravindra, there will always be three or four basic desings around which devices will be build. A candybar is a candybar and there’r very little design changes you can do. Plus experimenting too much is just not worth it, more moving parts can lead to poor build and Nokia certainly don’t want that.

    As far as Nseries sliders go, if people want big screens on their mobile devices thats the best solution for giving it to them while keeping the phone’s size manageable. So its not so much the form factors but what they do with them… N congrats on winning the 8GB! 😉

  4. Dear Sir,

    Before its release, I was determined to buy it. But now, after going through the reviews and opinions, I am rather reluctant to jump for it. Still, the phone is a gem. So planning to buy one, but not at the initial high price! I ll wait for a while for the price to come down at a reasonable level. And kindly suggest the reasonable price of this device in Indian currency! Your opinion is so important for me. Thanks a lot in advance.

  5. I really loved the design of both of these phones, mainly because both of them are similar in make to E51. But I was hoping they would release a non camera and camera version of E71 at the same time or the non camera version before the camera version as they did with the E61. Sadly they havent and there is no talk about them releasing a non camera version too which is very sad. I would have loved to get a non-camera version of E71.

    Any idea if they are releasing a non-camera version of E71?

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