Where Is Anssi?

I picked this up from Dotsisx over at Symbian-Guru and Zach over at SiMo and it sure has me intrigued. Apparently Anssi has gone missing and along with this poster you see above, was this message from the WOM World/Nokia team. “We had this wanted poster posted to us this week… thought you or your community might be able to help out? ;)”

He was it seems last seen waiting in line at a phone booth, holding a Nokia slider, possibly the N96 and busy N-Gaging on it or perhaps watching TV or video? What puzzles me is that why would he go to a phone booth when he already has a mobile phone right in his hand!? Is he so addicted doing what he is that he can’t use the phone to do something it was primarily built to do, make a call!

Having met him once I am really curious to know what evil he’s upto? Why is to so important to stop him? The question mark over the reward for stopping him makes it even more interesting. What do you think this is related to?

The enigma remains – Have you seen this man??

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