Sunday Links

I’ve not been able to keep up with the steady stream of content coming in this week and spend as much time as I want to writing, but I’ll try and make up. Meanwhile there are a few things, which sure need to be looked at. First up is the latest update to the Nokia PC Suite that now takes it upto v7. It now has a nice signal and battery strength indicator for the connected phone. The text manager application that had come out of Beta Labs a while ago has also been integrated.

Next is news of Files on Ovi, the latest service to be rolled out under the Ovi umbrella by Nokia. The Avvenu purchase has finally been re-branded as Files On Ovi, which is now available for free, you will need a Nokia account to login and then download the Files on Ovi connector, which is currently only supports Window. Detail on S-G.

Further up is some E66 coverage from Dotsisx as she pits it against the E65. Meanwhile Abul has put up his initial impressions of the E71 on SiMo.

Finally there is news about Nokia’s OpenAtOwnRisk campaign has taken an interesting turn and now shows a ‘take down’ notice. Wonder what’ll happen next!