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A little while ago Nokia launched the Nseries Fusion Challenge, aimed at promoting the Geo-Tagging culture and use of the ever improving Sports Tracker application to document your life and have richer memories. The contest is open to everyone in India even if you are not in any of the central cities that you see on the Fusion Homepage. All you need to do is select the city closest to you or the one you would be happy to travel to in case you win at the city level.

What is up for grabs is huge. The team leader of the winning teams in all of these cities will win a new N78 while everyone else win a Nokia Bluetooth accessory. In the national round there are N78’s up for grabs for everyone in the team and the team leader gets a trip to Turkey!

Details below.

Avinash has very succintly explained how you need to go about doing this:

1. Register yourself here. (Just click on the city name).
2. Play a simple flash game – A location related question will be asked and you just have to guess its location on the map. The more accurate you point the more points you score.
3. Once you finish the ten questions you’ll have a personal page.
4. Spread this page with your friends and ask them to become your fan. More fans equals more chances of getting shortlisted.
5. 10 shortlisted will get a technical lesson on how geotagging works. Depending upon the clues given, geotag places in your city as fast as possible.
6. 2 shortlisted teams from the city race will then compete to become the ultimate winner.

Thats it, get registering but make sure you do so before the 27th of July. The more you wait, the more difficult it will be to catch up with the leaders and one more thing, you don’t need a GPS enabled phone to take part!

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