The Return Of The Open At Own Risk Saga

Ricky has the latest on the Open At Own Risk saga. It was weeks ago that the site started displaying the mocked up take down notice, but as of today the story had taken yet another turn and reared its head again. Across the world, the Download! application which is pre-installed in Nokia phones is holding the key to the secret. If you recall, the story goes that long long ago, a bunch of royal families got together to create a video and this video was supposed to be the weirdest thing ever created, and it actually ended up too weird to show anyone, so it was buried.

The Download! application contains a folder called ‘Secret’ which houses an application that can unlock the video and a wallpaper and a ringtone to go along with it. In order to open the application, a 4 digit code is required. This is probably based on the three historical events mentioned in the original teaser: Edison’s Lightbulb, the Wright Brothers’ plane, and Apollo 11. (I’m yet to try and figure this one out, anyone had any luck?) Screenshots and download links for the wallpaper and ringtone below for those of you who can’t find the Secret folder in the Download! application.




After all this hype that has been generated, I REALLY hope that the video doesn’t turn out to be a dud… I guess we’ll know soon!

10 thoughts on “The Return Of The Open At Own Risk Saga”

  1. i cant find this under the Download! of my N95-1 🙁 could someone send the installer of the application to me? Microx256 Gmail com

  2. Ok this is retarded because its not there in the download! app. I like in the US and I see nothing but the usual stuff. Stop teasing us and get the story straight.

  3. i have all the aplications but don’t know were for… What can i do with it? Diggin up a video from some familie? Or? Haha i thought i was diggin up a secret from.. Wel from who? Greetz Esther

  4. Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

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