T9 Nav: The Next Killer Application For S60

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure to present to you, what in my opinion is going to be the next killer application for S60 devices. In the comments section of the QWERTY v. T9 speed test article, Tim mentioned an application called T9 Nav which I have only been able to try it today and it has blown my mind.

T9 Nav is a mobile search application that lets you find anything on your phone by just typing in the first few letters of whatever you’re looking for. As soon as you press a number, it starts looking for anything on your device that matches the numbers or the letters on that key. For example if you press “2” it finds any contacts, calendar items, ringtones, applications, bookmarked websites or anything else beginning with 2, a, b or c. Read on for a complete run through.

Once installed, much like Vista, the application indexes all your files be it songs, contacts, bookmarks and so on. It features an auto start option so you don’t need to worry about launching it everytime, it however remains visible in the open applications and doesn’t feature a hidden mode so far.

The place where the application is especially useful is if you have a lot of applications installed and they are kept within folders and sub folders; now in order to launch them all you need to do is key in their name. This application also betters Handy Taskman’s search and launch functionality by giving direct, from the standby screen, access.

As you press more keys it continues to refine the results, when you see what you want in the list, just click on it and the application will take you there. Here are a few screengrabs from my play with T9 Nav.

1. Trying to open ‘Notes’ by typing its T9 equivalent.

2. An example of filtration with increased typing.

3. Reaching ‘Clock’ with three key presses.

4. Contacts, my name.

5. The ‘-‘ in the name doesn’t matter.


(While this seems to work for most applications, on the N82 curiously the Music player and Camera don’t show up when their name is keyed in. Most likely this is a Beta issue and will be sorted out. If something else doesn’t work, please leave a comment.)

The newer Eseries devices like the E71 have brought such access from the standby screen functionality to contacts, in a very polished manner but this is taking it to a completely new level.

I still dig the class and options a simple right press of the D pad gives but for those Nseries siblings or other S60 devices who lack such functionality, T9 Nav is god sent. The application is still in Beta and you might experience certain problems while using it, but fortunately the developers are listening and also be sure to send in feedback or suggessions so that we may have a better application.

Download Link.

17 thoughts on “T9 Nav: The Next Killer Application For S60”

  1. I’ve been using this application for quite a while now and it’s great!! What I’m most interested in is how this behaves on a qwerty-device like the E71. Nuance, the creators, claim it works but is not specifically supported. Can you do some testing? Thanks

  2. hey. I tried it but it used to slow down my n 82 ridiculously! Unfortunately had to bid it goodbye

  3. I tested it on my E61i, it’s a bit slowish and there’s no default icon.
    I really hate the facyt that u cant hide it! Hope they fix that.

  4. Ashutosh, I also had the same problem with my N95-1 initially, I thought it was because of low RAM but with N82 having a similar problem I now think the application is really resource hungry. After Vaibhav posted this, I tried it again since the application has been updated ,but its still no use, the N95 starts to work like its on firmware v10, too damn slow and multitasking becomes a problem. I’ve taken part in the online surveys of this application and have given a feedback on this specific problem, lets hope the developers address the issue.

  5. Thanks Anuj.

    Just as you are, I am also relieved!!! I was worried for my phone. I will probably wait for this app to improve rather than having it like this. Hope they resolve

  6. This is just like SkyeQuikey, but if it slows dows even N82 (which has lots of spare RAM most of the time) then i better stick with SkyeQuikey, which doesnt slow my N82 at all!

  7. Hey Vaibhav, first time i’m visiting your site and am pretty impressed. About this T9Nav app i found it a long time back somewhere on the net and did try to install it on my Nokia N78, however, it didn’t work. Install is working but not functional.

  8. Its a great app and the developers definitely listen to the feedback provided. I have been testing this on my E51 for over a month and informed the developers that the initial releases were slow. I received a mail with a link of an intermediate build which is slightly faster.

    It’d be good if they provide options to choose which type of data needs to be indexed as that might increase the speed a bit.

  9. Now that T9 Nav is available on Nokia Software market (http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com/?action=productDetails&pID=6302&pmsid=305&lang=en), we’ve set up a site on Facebook for on-going communication with users. This site will be a portal to contests, events, news, discussion boards and other opportunities to communicate with us about what you like and what you would like to see in T9 Nav.

    Click here to participate:


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