The Symbian Blog Giveaway Winners

Last month, celebrating one year of The Symbian Blog, we had a bluetooth headsets giveaway. All you needed to do was to register at the Nseries Fusion Challenge website and leave your username in the comments section. Unfortunately, the contest was limited only to those of you in India and we had a total of 55 comments staking their claim. Each comment was assigned a number and the winners were chosen by generating 3 random numbers from Random.Org.

Some of these comments were repetitions, or invalid and therefore were not considered in the final draw. The first person will receive a Stereo Bluetooth headset, the second a Mono Bluetooth headset and the third an Nseries T-Shirt. Many congratulations to:

  • Jatinder
  • Isan
  • Rishminder

I will be contacting you shortly. For the rest you, I’ll have something coming up soon, even for those outside India.


Now that the contest is over, it is also befitting that I bring you a small round up of what it was. Nseries Fusion Challenge was aimed at promoting the Geo-Tagging culture and use of the ever improving Sports Tracker application to document your life and have richer memories. The Two Finalist Teams – ‘Team Ashish from Delhi’ and ‘Team Imagination from Bangalore’ were given clues that surrounded around passions such as Art, Photography, Travel, Nature, Automobile, Gadgets, Food, Music, Fashions, Books and Movies. They had to roam around the city, identifying these places and creating a trail using Sports Tracker. Sure sounds like fun.

I’m really looking forward to more and more real world programmes such as these instead of the same old TV commercial way of promoting a service.

6 thoughts on “The Symbian Blog Giveaway Winners”

  1. Heyya just got your e-mail and got to know about me winning.
    Was away and looked at the e-mail and came to know about the prize.
    Thank you.
    Hope to get my hands on it soon.
    All my wishes for the blog [:)]

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