New Firmware v30.0.015 Out For The N95

Nokia seems to have made it a habbit, close on the heels of the N95 8GB the Nokia N95 has also received its long awaited firmware update and now stands at v30.0.015. The good news is that the firmware is also available via the NSU. The new UI that the N81 got, hasn’t made it to the N95, although Automatic Screen Rotation has made an appearance. Also, in case you care, the ‘hack’ still works.

Will update this post as soon as I have more details.

10 thoughts on “New Firmware v30.0.015 Out For The N95”

  1. Since I upated to v30. The GPS no longer locks. It used to take less than 10 seconds to lock onto a signal. Now it just sits there. Not sure if it locks on eventually buts is definatly more than 10seconds.

    I have not had a lock yet after 2 minutes. 🙁

  2. wer 2 download the v30 for my n95.every1 says download frm nsu,i downloaded from nsu,but the version is v1 something i dont remember.pls tell the full details wer 2 download it

  3. The latest version of the update software keeps telling me that my phone is up to date but the version is 12.0.013… Could someone please help me out..?

  4. Thanks for the info.

    I cracked the GPS locking problem.

    Tools>Settings>General>positioning>Positioning Server

    It seems after the update I no longer had a default access point defined for the GPS lock.

    So i pointed to my default internet access point (in this case vodafone).

    Seems to lock on very quick now as before in around 10 seconds.

    Internet server address was as

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