Nokia Pilots Now Open For Registration

The program we have all been waiting for, is now open for registrations. Nokia Pilots, if you have been living under a rock, offers you an opportunity to be involved in the design, development and/or testing phases of concepts, products and/or services. As a Nokia Pilot, you may get a chance to see the latest products and services before anyone else.

In the best case senario, you could end up signing an NDA and taking a crack at a proto device. However, my guess from looking at the registration form is that most Pilots would get an opportunity on the software and services side, rather than hardware. What are you looking forward most to?

[Edit: The site seems to be having some problems, both registration and login seem to be affected.]

4 thoughts on “Nokia Pilots Now Open For Registration”

  1. hey i registered myself guys..exicted abt this thing..hv been using nokia since 3310 days…

    NOKIA N95 8GB
    v20.0.016(Scared of upgarding to v30 :))

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