Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Press Photos, Specifications & Video Demo

Sadly, the Nokia Virtual event failed to take off, but here is some compensation in the form of a video demo of Nokia’s latest touch device – the 5800 Express Music. Also, following are a few official photos of what now seems to be a very good looking device. What is nice to see is that it is roughly the size of an N78 and weighs just 109g.

The 5800 sales box will contain, a Nokia 5800 with stylus pen, an extra stylus, Nokia Connectivity Cable, stylus plectrum in wrist strap (CP-306), Nokia Music Headset (AD-54, HS-45), Nokia 8GB microSD card (MU-43), Nokia Carrying Case (CP-305), Nokia Portable Stand (DT-29), and Nokia Video-out Cable (CA-75U).

The following picture (via AAS) demonstrates various aspects of the 5800’s UI.

Meanwhile, Symbian-Guru has the following specifications table up:

To top it all, the 5800 is going to be relatively cheap. The price before taxes or subsidies is 279 EUR, which is much cheaper than any similar product from any other manufacturer. I seriously did not expect this sort of pricing, but if this is what anyone will need to pay to get one – this is going to be quite a run away product. Initial impressions coming tomorrow, for now it’ll suffice to say that the phone has a all touch device skeptic pretty excited.

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  1. It looks a real deal. Is it possible to download the captured videos to a PC for editing, say with Pinnacle Studio software?

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