Nokia N85 Unboxing – Video & Pictures

Nokia N85 Unboxing - Video & Pictures

Nokia’s latest do-it-all, the Nokia N85 has made an earlier than expected appearance and the first unboxing video and pictures are up. It, if you have forgotten, packs quite a punch in terms of specifications – A 2.6-inch AMOLED screen, AGPS, 5MP Camera, N-Gage compatibility, 8GB microSDHC storage out of the box, WiFi, a FM transmitter and a 28-hour music playback battery life, to name a few. The phone even has a camera lens cover and support for microUSB charging. While it may or may not be a N96 killer, it certainly will be the phone to look out for. As we wait for it be made available outside Italy, here are some unboxing pictures courtesy of Pasco.

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