My Phone Knows Everything About Me & That Worries Me

A New Nokia Comes Out In 3 Hours Time?

Nokia is apparently going to launch a new handset today, in under three hours time. That should get us all excited, isn’t it? However, I am not, as from the looks of things it might just be a low-mid end phone and not even a S60 device. The phone launch isn’t even the reason of this article. The reason is the viral campaign itself – My Phone Knows Everything About Me – and how true is that.

The when you open the viral site, it greets you with an amazing video which revolves around three real people and their lives. By the end of it, you end up feeling as if the video described the life a lot of us live. The phone actually knows ‘everything’ about me, may be even more that oneself if drunken escapades are a part of one’s life. The question at the end is, if you found my phone, would you look through it?

As technology evolves, we are carrying a lot of personal stuff with us 24/7. Phones such as the N96 that come with large screens, TV-out and high storage would make a lot of people carry their photos, videos and music. If the phone has good connectivity options, you will most likely get access to their work email, personal email, e-commerce details and what not. There is a strong possibility that by just looking through a person’s phone you can come to know of what he/she looks like, who his/her friends are, family, what he/she does, who is important in their life, what sort of music is preferred and I can go on. You might even be able to extract a few secrets that person’s best friend might not even know. Its not that I was not already aware of this picture, but watching that video has made me a little more conscious. Losing a phone in the street may now be more than just a monetary loss, yet it remains a risk we must all take as we are simply too addicted to technology.

Nokia fortunately, implements a security code feature that can allow you to lock your phone automatically after a definite period. Eseries devices also offer remote locking and softwares such as Guardian offer even more protection. But simply popping the memory card out still is a concern, although some devices allow you to password protect that too.

At the end of it, I am happy that technology has come up to such a convenient level, but what I am thinking is has the realisation of it all dawned on us along with it too?

2 thoughts on “My Phone Knows Everything About Me & That Worries Me”

  1. Loosing your phone with all of your personal, private and important information is a horrible experience. I remember my days as a mobile phone salesman, and every single day would see at least 1 or 2 people coming to my store distraught at having lost their phone or worse had it stolen.

    There are a number of proactive solutions out there to help retrieve a stolen handset which are quite good.

    I highly recommend PhoneBak which will send an sms containing the thief’s mobile number, cell ID and even GPS location should they swap out your SIM for their own.

    Or MobileShield which does a similar thing only without the GPS location.

    Personally I think more needs to be done on a Mobile Carrier and Handset manufacturer level to help prevent mobile phone theft and catch the thieves. I have an open discussion on this topic running here.

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