In The US? Save 30-40% on eBay Purchases – N85 For Less Than 400$

This is insane. But apparently, with a bit of intelligent surfing you can pick up a brand new N85 for less than 400$ if you happen to live in the US. The final price you get may even be less than 350$ as was the case with Mark from The Nokia Blog who just bought his for 336$.

Microsoft is currently offering 30% cashback on purchases made on eBay and if you add to that an ebay coupon, it makes for a nifty discount. This scheme works for almost anything thing you want to buy off eBay and you can even pick up an N96, N95-4 or an E71 this way.

Mark, has a post up explaining exactly how you can take advantage of this steal, make sure you check it out. No one knows how long this is going to last, but as they say – make hay while the sun shines. If I could, I’d have bought two. Do not let this go.