Nagging Prompts In Java Applications May Be History Soon

Here is some great news for Nokia S60 users, apparently Nokia has been working on revamping the security framework on Java applications and the nagging permissions we continuously need to give in order for them to work, may soon be a thing of the past. The idea behind prompts was security but since native applications and other runtime applications do not have to follow the same rules on S60, Nokia’s decided to rid Java applications of the burden too. We can finally hope to check our Gmail without hitting ‘Yes’!

The two things that should make the situation better for Java developers on S60:

  • A new kind of runtime security prompt which allows user to directly change the security setting for the application (pictured above).
  • A set of security policy changes allowing user more control on the settings levels for untrusted and trusted 3rd party.

Basically, signed applications on the lines of the S60 system could have permissions by default and for the unsigned ones, the user would have the power to grant them to a large extent without needing to go to the application manager. Currently, through the application manager we can grant certain permissions but still cannot eliminate the need for constant user input while using the application.

Now for another good news, according to the Java For S60 Blog:

“The enhanced prompts will be added to upcoming 3rd edition FP 2 (and later) devices but we are seeking to get this enhancement also as a correction to some existing products via Nokia SW update.”

Way to go!

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