My E71 Experience: Part 1: Initial Impressions

After using the N95-1 for more than a year and occasionally playing with my wife’s N81 (thoroughly amazed by the capabilities of the N Series devices in the mean while), the E 71 buzz finally got to me and I decided to trial the E71. The guys at WOM world obliged my request very promptly and shipped the device to me. There were some issues with the delivery of the device by DHL due to some confusion over a customs duty but I finally got the DHL package on 08 Oct. What came as a surprise to me was that WOM world had also bundled the BH-602 Nokia Bluetooth Headset along with the E71.

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Initial Impressions:

The E71 exudes sheer class, period!

I have had my friends and colleagues asking me daily about my sexy “new phone” since I started carrying it around. I remember last year when I had bought the N95 people used to get interested only after I had told told them that it was a N95 that I was holding, whereas the usual question with the E71 was “Hey, what phone is this”? The point I want to make here is that this phone attracts a lot of attention because of its good looks even from those people who don’t know anything about this being the new E Series device from Nokia it draws attention.

Having said that, I feel Nokia could have improved the packing a bit. I’ve seen the N Series packing and I feel that although overdone at times, the N Series packing is far better than the E 71.

Still the device is wonderful to look at and to hold. Just a few snaps:

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Well here are the things that I immediately liked about the device:

  • Looks and Design– There is no doubt that Nokia has got this department nailed with this device. (It is a finger print magnet though, I wonder why didn’t Nokia include a cleaning cloth with the device. I remember I got one with the N95)
  • Build Quality– I must say it was a pleasant surprise to have a steel phone in my hand after using the N95-1 for so long. Apart from the small amount light leakage from the lower edge of the screen, this phone is solidly built like a brick.
  • Keypad– Although the keys are small but they are well rounded-off to separate them from on another and offer just the right amount of travel and feedback. I surely got used to typing on it in a day or two.
  • Shortcut Keys– Surely a great way to have easy access to the commonly used functions
  • Battery– The device has a 1500 mAh battery. I’m sure the problems that I usually face with my N95 running out of juice when I need it will not be faced while I trial this one.

Now the immediate dislikes:

  • Lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack– I’m sure that with the phone being so thin its not right to ask for everything but I still did not like the fact could not use all my headphones with it without an adapter.
  • Micro USB interface– I have so many other devices which have the mini USB interface and I use a common cable for all of them. I really don’t know if the micro USB port offers any advantage but now I have to carry a separate cable only for this phone.
  • Screen Brightness– Although not that bad but It was a little tough for me to get used to the slightly less bright screen lack of readability in the sun. I think its because of the reflective glass cover but still as compared to my N95 this was difficult to read in the sun.

I will be posting more about the actual usage experience later!

6 thoughts on “My E71 Experience: Part 1: Initial Impressions”

  1. I am using this nokia e71 since 2 month 3 days but lack of some features frustrate me. I can not use animated wallpapers which looks static at desktop. I cannot use video call as it is not supported by network operator. When u cut a call it takes time to come back to home screen.

  2. Although a great device but i strongly feel Nokia is letting us down with the poor build quality of its phones, i expected E71 to stay great but the right and left selection keys have started to lose their paint. the blue has started to become visible from underneath, should i take it to nokia care, keep it to worsen the quality or sell and bear the loss on amount paid

  3. The audio quality in the E71 isn’t really as good as in the N95 mobile.. Other than that, the device is real user friendly..


    Hope Is Everything..

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