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When I generally review phones, I cover aspects like the camera, music capabilities, web, battery and so on. Hardly do I ever write something under the head – ‘Endurance’. However this time, unintentionally of course, I happened to drop test the N96, a serious drop test.

I was on the second floor of a building, standing at the balcony which overlooked a garden with concrete on its sides. While transferring the phone from my right to the left hand, during a call, I happened to drop the N96. It went plummeting down and with it, my heart. A free fall from two stories high – who ever came back from that? My N96 did, and it lives on to tell the tale.

As it slipped and fell from the second storey, it hit the fiberglass sun shade placed in the garden and took a couple of rolls. The back cover came off and the battery went flying. My SIM card was still secure inside the phone. As soon as I retrieved it, the first thing I noticed was that there were loads of scratches on the screen and some very little ones on the top (pictured above). Fortunately I had applied a screen protector  and I peeled it off after cleaning the phone a bit, to my relief the screen still looked brand new and there was no damage inside.

Another screen protector and a nice wipe later, the N96 looked as new as ever with almost no sign of any damage whatsoever. What you can see in the picture above can hardly ever be seen at most angles and is practically nothing when compared to the fall the device had just endured. With the amount of features jammed into such a small piece of equipment anyone would think of it as delicate, yet the N96 is anything but that.

When I had first got the N96, because of the creak in its backplate I wanted to give it the moniker – ‘The King Of Creak’ however, after this performance I will eat my words. It may creak, but the I would gladly take the creak in return for the awesome sturdiness. If there is one thing Nokia devices have been famous for, it would have to be this. Just imagine what would happen to an iPhone  or any Samsung after taking a two storey hit!

11 thoughts on “Drop Testing The N96”

  1. i just read in your blog about you addressing nokia of where their build quality was going seems like nokia is taking care of that.

  2. nokia has always built phones which are sturdy…in the early days about 7-8 years back when i had bought the Nokia 5100..it had also gone through the same kind of a drop and it is still in working condition…with me…!!!

  3. Scary story, I have N95 and I don’t know what would I do if something similar would happen. Glad it survived. 🙂

  4. I once accidentely dropped my Nokia in a large glass of water, and it was like it never happened after I dried it. Good quality, that is.

  5. Rofl.. That was seriously funny to read but ya wouldn’t have been the same to experience it.. But ya, nokia phones have always had the upper hand over other manufacturers when it comes to their durability B-)

  6. Вы знаете, что всякое следствие имеет свои причины. Все бывает, все что происходит все к лучшему. Если бы не было этого не факт, что было бы лучше.

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