Face The Task Challenge II – Complete

QIK Video Is Here

One more step closer to winning 5 N96 trials for you – Task II is now complete. The difficulty I had was the lack of 3G which would have enabled me to stream content ‘live’, however I had an idea that would not only enable me to show off the N96’s streaming capability via either QIK or Flixwagon but also showcase its TV-out functionality.

The work around in my mind for the lack of 3G problem was simple. I shot the video using the N96 and then played it back on the TV, again via the N96. Since I currently have the good fortune of having two N96’s I used the other to live QIK the stream in order to meet the terms set forth in the challenge. As for what I would stream was a question. That was again answered by my buddy Sartaj Gill, who once again risked all to come up with killer modern day Ninja heroics. See for yourself!

(Note: The above QIK stream is present in order to fulfill the condition set out, however for a better experience – quality vise, check out this video uploaded on Share).

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6 thoughts on “Face The Task Challenge II – Complete”

  1. hey..!!

    looks cool!! and does streaming live video from the tv count? thought the word live probably meant something.. anyway really good. B-)
    though maybe it wud hve looked better with a vehicle or two going by 😀 but ya, wud be too much of a risk 😛

    Gud luck for the rest of the challenges B-)

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