The Irresistible Lure Of The E71

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Make no mistake, if you use it once – it will come back to haunt you. This is exactly what has happened to me. I had used the E71 for a brief period a couple of months ago and since that day I have not been able to take it out of my mind no matter what phone I have to play with.

I finally succumbed to the temptation and got myself the best phone Nokia has shipped to date. I say this before having an extended play with the N85, but something tells me I won’t be changing my opinion sometime soon. Before I went ahead and bought the E71, I had a N96, a N78, a N95, an E90, and an E51 sitting on my desk. Still I could not resist. A while back, I had decided that the E90 and the N95 were a perfect pair had started using the E90 as my main device. Soon the E71 came and I switched to it with the realisation that it did everything the E90 did – only faster and in a much smaller size.

The size to performance ratio was delightful and the pleasure of getting rid of the bulge that the E90 brought was immense. The disadvantage of not having the big internal screen was overcome by the landscape display and the fact that I had been using the E90 in the portrait mode quite a bit.

Everything said and done, the real reason I bought the E71 was its speed and the battery life which easily lasts for more than a day, no matter what I do with it. Compared to almost any other S60 the E71 feels like greased lightning in its operations be it scrolling the web, opening messages or any other task. I have been using the N96 for a while now and after its slow performance the E71 is a real pleasure.

There are a lot of people (including me) who really value the camera and music on their handset and both these aspects are not the E71’s strongest points. So here is my advice for such people, if you can – make the E71 your primary device and carry the Nseries on days when you know you will need it. Yes, there will be days when you will be caught unaware and the delightful 5MP camera will be missed but in my opinion it will be well worth the compromise.

The E71 is one hell of a phone, really well done Nokia. The people who worked on the E71 deserve a big bonus, seriously. Also, while you are at it, do ask them to work on a Nseries flagship too.

10 thoughts on “The Irresistible Lure Of The E71”

  1. OMG :O U got so many mobiles? :O Cool B-)

    I found the audio quality quite okay on the E71 though.. though ya, not the best.. A real cool device to handle with B-)

  2. vaibhav but my e71 is loosin paint on its right and left soft keys just aftr 2 months of minimum use, wat 2 do?? i posted dis on ur sme othr blog also, please advice.

  3. The same thing happened to me. I used the E71 for a minute and within 2 weeks time i got the damn sexy thing. I love my decision.
    The QWERTY S60 sits comfortably in shirt pocket. Sometimes I wish the screen was bigger. 2-3 days of battery juice on the e71 is the best in a mobile phone. I do wish Nokia had some n-gage support for the e71. Camera and audio quality are good enough for me.

  4. My friend is talking about E71 all the time, I haven’t tried it yet, but I would definitely like to have that kind of phone.

  5. I think I must have caught the same that you got because right now, I’m trying the E71 out and originally, I wasn’t thinking too much about it but as the days go by, I am really getting to love it. The keys aren’t as easy to type on for me compared to the Treo 750 or 650 but it does work. I am seriously thinking of getting it with a wireless bluetooth keyboard.

    I only wished that there is something that can improve on the camera capturing capabilities since I am unimpressed with it even though it’s 3.2 MP

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