Nokia Initiatives: Headset Design & The Unloader

I’m a little late on both of these, however there is still plenty of time left to enjoy one and get your creative juices flowing for the other. First up is the Nokia Headset Design challenge that asks you to create your own stereo bluetooth headset in any design you want and if it becomes popular, they’ll make it for you. You can design based on existing clickable templates or create from a scratch.

The headset design competition ends on the last day of this year (31st of Dec) and the 10 most popular designs (which receive the most stars) will then be adjudicated upon by a panel which will on to pick 5 winners. Next, believe it or not, those five winners will be invited to a design event in London where those designs will be made into fully functional headsets and showcased around the world at Nokia flagship stores. In the end they will be returned to the winners for them to keep. Go Design!

The Unloader

The second ‘initiative’ is a viral called The – Unloader for the E71 and E66 that helps you unload some of the stress that world related documents bring. The site asks you to upload a document which can them be burnt in flames, shredded or dipped. The fun is in the part that the document you uploaded is actually the one that is shown, the first page can be clearly made out. Its not an informative viral, just a fun thing if you have the time. I quite liked it. Lastly, if you need another reason to visit it then there is one. Nokia will plant one tree in Brazil for every 100 documents uploaded. So do it for the environment!

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